Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

RNs with busy schedules but want further education should look into distance learning through the Internet as various nursing schools offer online family nurse practitioner programs.

The online family nurse practitioner program is an ideal stepping stone for registered nurses for career advancement. The truth is advanced nursing practice allows nurses to work more autonomously than RNs. The emergence of distance learning programs has made this goal more achievable for nurses.

Upsides of Distance Learning

The nurse practitioner online program is a big boost for students who do not have the luxury of time in pursuing traditional campus education. This is a more convenient and cost-efficient option. You can take the course from the comfort of your abode provided you have a personal computer, stable Internet connection, and basic knowledge of applications and software. As far as the academic component is concerned, there is no need to go to attend classes in the campus.

For the practicum side of online family nurse practitioner programs, clinical training can be availed of in health care facilities near your home or workplace. It is possible to facilitate arrangements with medical professionals in places where the nursing students live. These distant faculty members will oversee your clinical work and make reports to your course instructor. You can formulate a plan in collaboration with the online course mentor and local clinical-supervisor for your clinical experience and monitor your progress closely.

Drawback of Online Education

The major disadvantage of online nurse practitioner programs for some students is the deficiency of face-to-face communication with instructors and peers. There is the so-called “face-time” with regards to education and some online courses perform a more efficient task of creating an online-community than others. The coursework structure can have a big influence on student-to-student and student-to-teacher interface. Group projects and Skype discussion groups can enhance the relationship between students and instructors. It also develops the learning experience. If you were to make a comparison, formal education has the advantage of cross-discipline contact over nurse practitioner online programs. This is in a crucial component of academic reliability which is lost if you get isolated from the rest of the scholastic community.

Leading Online NP Programs

Notwithstanding the downsides, more and more institutions are offering nurse practitioner online programs. Among the top colleges and universities are the following:

  • Georgetown University which is actually one of the very first schools to offer the distance learning approach for nurse practitioners. It has a School of Nursing and Health Studies which has been educating nurses for more than 100 years. Nursing@Georgetown is a Master’s in nursing degree delivered online making use of highly interactive education and clinical-based nursing experience.
  • Kaplan University has several nursing practitioner programs as well as MS nursing given online. It has 200 campus locations globally and 200 online programs for the nursing field.
  • Philadelphia University has a unique MSN in Midwifery curriculum which is a perfect medium for nurses who opt to become family nurse practitioners.
  • Capella University in Minneapolis offers MS in Nurse Education with a bridge option as one of its graduate programs in 146 fields of study. The University was founded in 1991 but it already has more than 37,000 students from 60 different countries.